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I was born and raised in Naoussa, a town in Northwest mainland Greece with a long culinary tradition. As it is located at the crossroad of different civilisations, our kitchen is a fusion of Greek, Turkish, Slavic and Western influences. Not surprisingly, Northwest Greece’s cuisine is considered one of the richest and most unique. 

I grew up in a family where everyone cooked, and the kitchen was the beating heart of the household.

After moving to Corfu in 1991, I began to incorporate the delicious dishes the island has to offer into my own cooking, as the cuisine in Corfu has been strongly influenced by the Venetians, who occupied the island for several centuries.

In 2012, I moved to faraway Australia, where I spent many years as a pastry chef. 

After this long and fascinating sojourn in Australia, I have returned to Corfu and am ready to transfer my cooking expertise to those willing to be initiated into the secrets of the renowned Greek cuisine. 

So, Foodies, if you love Greek food and are looking for a unique Greek culinary experience, join me in a hands-on cooking class where I will share my knowledge and love for cooking. 

It’s an experience you will never forget. 


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